10 Instagram pages to follow for wedding inspiration

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10 Instagram pages to follow for wedding inspiration

You've Pinterested all you can Pinterest.  Your eyeballs are bleeding and if you have to click another beautiful inspiring blog link only to find yet another dead end, you're going to be reduced to a blood shot crying shell of a woman! No worries!  Take a break and go through some of these inspiring click free Instagram feeds for a breath of fresh wedding themed air! 


1.) Wedding Chicks
This is one of my favorite Instagram feeds! This is a site that photographers can tag #weddingchicks for chance to be featured.  This feed's vibe is classy, fun and a touch of sass.  The other good thing about the site is it's also a great boutique! 


2.) Wedding Diary
This has photos from weddings and brides all over the world. There isn't only one specific focus on this feed, which I love because I get distracted easily! You'll find images of wedding table tops, bridals, shoes, elopements, floral inspiration and even some maternity images!  


3.) Wedding Dress Look Book
Oh my!  This is a feed dedicated to wedding dresses, bridal makeup, rings and other jewelry! The vibe on this collection of images is very elegant with a fun undertone. 

4.) Wedding Day Whispers
This one is fun.  It's another one that has images from all over the world.  It has a wide range of focus from wedding destinations to bar setups, dresses to rings, suits to bridal party formals. 
The style vibe is very high fashion.  I like this one because it's different from the "norm"

5.) Rock and Roll Bride
This feed is from Kat Williams who is a British bridal blogger that I have followed for years! Her Instagram feed is fun, colorful, bright, different and worth a look.  Especially if you want to look at some wedding inspiration that will make your face hurt from smiling.  Click on the link, DO IT! Seriously, DO IT!

6.) Rock My Wedding
Another British Bridal Blog, but I love it! This is probably the closest to my personal style, so I am drooling over this feed often. This is  a more earthy, flower child, boho chic style set. It's amazing!

7.) Green Wedding Shoes
This is a collection of destination wedding style! I love that they don't forget about the grooms in this feed!  They style is classic with a very slight edge to it! 

8.) June Bug Weddings
June Bug is very similar to Green Wedding Shoes in style. The main difference is they seem to focus on featuring images that highlight emotion and interactions!  

9.) Wedding Sparrow
Wedding Sparrow features film shot photos from fine art photographers all over Instagram!  They tent to lean toward light, airy and organic images of brides, weddings and venue locations.

10.) Barn Weddings
Last but not least, since I'm a a photographer based in the south, I have so many barn weddings and barn style brides.  This collections of barn weddings is what southern wedding dreams are made of!


I hope you enjoyed this list of Instagram pages that I follow! 

If you'd like to work with me please email me at 

Myriad Gardens May Wedding

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This is a wedding filled with favorites for me.  
This wedding was at the Myriad Gardens in downtown OKC.  One of my favorite venues!
The planner for this venue was Gail with Weddings by Gail.  One of my favorite planners! 
This GORGEOUS cake was with Amy Cakes.  I've yet to see anything less than amazing from her.  
They got ready at the Colcord Hotel which overlooks the Myriad Gardens.  If you haven't stayed here, you should!!  I heart this hotel... alot. Plus it's gorgeous in photos!  



This May wedding was gorgeous!!  Since we are in Oklahoma, it was tornado season.  There was a storm "a-brewin'" so we had originally planned for the wedding to be outside, but as a backup plan, the wedding was held inside the Crystal Bridge!  

As she walked down the stairs of the Crystal Bridge with her father, her and her "almost" husband locked eyes and both began to cry on the spot!  One of my favorite moments from all of my weddings, past and present!  

This couple embodied best friends who were also madly in love!  Their friends and family were both hilarious and fun to be around!




If you like these photos and would like to work with me or any of those vendors, here are their links:

Cake: http://www.amycakesok.com/
Venue: http://oklahomacitybotanicalgardens.com/
Hotel: https://colcordhotel.com/
Wedding Planner: https://www.weddingsbygail.com/


If you'd like to work with me, I'd love to hear from ya,


Little Black Book Sessions

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I'm kicking off the year with a Little Black Book event!!!  
These are my boudoir sessions that I offer.  This time we will be shooting in a King Suite in the 21c Hotel and Museum in downtown OKC right by the Jones Assembly!  
I will have an accomplished professional hair and makeup artist working with each one of you pre-session. 
Each session will come some time before we shoot where I will go over what you have to wear and what we can work on together that will make you feel comfortable.  
To help with nerves, I will also have wine from Water's Edge Winery!  
Each session will have a professionally designed Little Black Book with fully edited images.  

I promise this is fun! The biggest thing I hear from people is 
"I want to do this, but I'm not comfortable with my body yet". 
Well, ditto! I keep waiting for that day and it's still not here. But this isn't something you do when you feel "pretty". 
You do it TO FEEL PRETTY!!!!

Peyton (my make up artist) and myself have got this! You'll feel pretty and fancy in your own private shoot.  

I've done a few myself, the best part that makes you feel pretty after the session is when you catch your partner glancing through the book, or find it in their drawer on the top where you know they were looking at it. What's better than knowing that your significant other was stealing some glances of you in private?  It's the pretty gift that keeps on giving!!  
I've seen this from the other perspective as well, where the partner who received the book feels so overwhelmingly honored that this was done with them in mind!!!

So don't worry, you're perfect how you are and I know how to bring out the best in anyone. I've yet to ever shoot one client that walks in, says "Here I am, the most gorgeous specimen you've ever laid eyes on, now get shooting". We all have our shy moments.

I will not be scheduling anyone overlapping unless you're scheduling with a friend. I will take time to help you bring clothes that you will look your best in and feel comfortable and pretty wearing before the session.

At the session I will take time to look through what you have and we can form a plan together.

It'll be fun! I promise! I have a couple spots left. First person to claim them, get's them!



                              *****  Like what you see?  Wanna work with me?  Email me at jtphotographyokc@gmail.com*****


Vendor involved in these photos used are:
Couches from Aubrey and Kim York with Fancy Couches
Venues used are: Water's Edge Winery , Fancy Couches Studio Space, and my private home studio
Makeup and hair: By Aubrey York

Downloading digital images.

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Hey everyone!!  I hope you are enjoying your year.  I for one am eagerly anticipating summer!!  With summer time comes weddings, sessions, and events. With many of my packages, digital images are either a purchase option or included in the package.  With that comes the question, "How do we download our images"? 

Well here's how. 

Downloading from a computer: 

1.     You will receive a text or an email with a link to your personalized gallery.  Use your mouse or trackpad to click on that link.  


2.  Once you click on that link you will be taken to your gallery.  It will look a little like this:

3.     Search through the images.  When you find one you like, click on it.  It will be brought to your screen as the main photo.  

4.     Once the photo you have chosen is on the screen, click on the "download" button on the top center right hand side above the photo.  

5.     Once you've clicked on that, the photo will automatically download and be saved to your "download folder" on your computer.  I recommend saving your digital images on a drive or a back up disk as well as printing out at least one copy of each image you care about.  :) 



Saving Images on your phone

If you want images saved onto your phone for web-sharing or just to have saved to your phone and/or phone screen, please do not screen shot the images as that is a much lower quality of image. You can download the image from your gallery.  

Downloading from a phone.  

1.    Go to either the email link (as pictured in previous example above) or if you have a text of the link.  


2.     Click on the link bubble in the message.  Or the link in an email from your phone's email app.  Next, you will be taken to the gallery that will look something like this:


3.     Find a photo you like and want downloaded to your phone.  Click on it.  It will then be pulled forward as the primary image on the screen. 


4.     Next, click the "download" button on the top right hand center of the photo. 


5.     After this your phone screen will change to a white screen.  The images will begin to download onto that screen.  Speed of the download will depend on your internet connection at the time.  For faster results and to preserve the battery power on your cell, it's best to download images while connected to the internet. 

     Wait for the entire image to fully download onto your screen.  


6.  Once the image appears fully on your screen.  Click the save/upload icon on the bottom of your phone screen.  


7.  Next a menu will appear on the screen.  Click the "Save Photo" icon.  


Now your newly downloaded image is saved onto your phone with your photos.  You are free to use it or share as you please for personal purposes only.  :)  

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!!  :) 

Thank you so much for using me as your photographer or downloading an image from one of the galleries.  As always, if you like what you see and will be in need of a photographer for portrait or event photography, please let me know!  I'd love to work with you!!  You can email me anytime at jtphotographyokc@gmail.com or message me on FB at www.facebook.com/jtphotographyokc 

Bryan & Jessie

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Bryan & Jessie were married in April at Boulevard Chapel in Edmond OK.  It was a sweet ceremony between a big family and close friends!  I met Jessie & Bryan almost 8 months earlier as they were planning their wedding.  We met for a meeting in a nearby coffee shop and instantly felt like we were friends.  As I watched them with each other and friends on their wedding day, I realized they both have that affect on all they meet.  They are both warm and fun people and that shows in the moment you are introduced to them.  

We got to do their engagement session at the Fair in September and it truly seemed as though they had known each other for a lifetime!!  I will miss talking to them regularly and I know they will build a beautiful life together!!!  Congratulations Bryan & Jessie!!!


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