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Hey!  I'm Jacque!  I'm a wedding, destination and commercial photographer based out of Oklahoma City.

I'm married to a jazz musician who is also in the wedding industry via his band, The Groove Merchants, so our lives revolve around weddings.  

I'm a documentary/photo journalistic style photographer, meaning I capture true to world moments, energy and emotion as it happens.  While this is my strength and the fuel behind my inspiration, I'm also great at fine art and organic style that is good to have when shooting weddings and wedding related portraiture.  


I love photography and gravitate toward photographing people during important events in their lives (marriage, birth, performance, etc).  I love that aspect of photography because it's cementing history and marking it to be easily accessed and looked back on.   It's important for people to be able to look back on events they've experienced, but it's even more important to have those moments documented for those who have yet to come into our lives!  

Every wedding I shoot, I shoot for the bride and groom, but I shoot for their kid's and new friends that have yet to come into your life.  That is why I do this!  I tell a piece of your story that will forever be etched into the history of what makes you, you! 

For any questions or booking info please email me at jtphotographyokc@gmail.com