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To help you decide what is the best place to showcase you and your style, I have put together a list of examples.  Of course, if you have any ideas of your own or specific locations in mind, I do travel and I am always open to new places.  I love new locations and everyone loves a location individual to them.  But if you do not have any "neat-o" little nook or secret location, FEAR NOT!  I have several that I can use and I am always scouting out new locations...


Bricktown/Downtown OKC 

This area is filled with bricks, bridges, interesting alley ways, stairs, and buildings old and new.  The location is perfect for someone who likes the "urban city" look.  It's great for families with kiddos that aren't too young, couples, and senior portraits.


Will Rogers Park

Will Rogers Park is located right off of the 36th st Exit of I-44.  This is a beautiful park tucked away right off the highway with easy access, regularly maintained rose gardens, mature trees, soft grass, a duck pond with a fountain, and a stream with waterfalls and bridges. All of this makes a perfect location for your next session, especially for people who love natural subtle colors.    


Downtown Yukon

Yukon is a suburb west of Oklahoma City with downtown buildings dated back to the 1930's.  This area offers lots of bold colors with a vintage feel, complete with an old ford truck, inactive train tracks and an old railroad car.  Even the most active kiddos love the train car! 


Lake Overholser

Tucked away in Yukon, just off of historic Rt 66, is Lake Overholser.  With a few old buildings located near the running/biking trails, strips of land surrounded by lake on either side, the original Dam built in 1929, two playgrounds, and lots and lots of natural settings, this location is perfect for anyone who likes the natural "outdoorsy" feel without having to travel too far out.  :) Perfect for sunset sessions or if you have a car or bike you would like showcased.  


Yukon Park

I use this location for seniors and families that want a location that looks like its in the deep woods or families with kiddos who like to run and play A LOT!  With its highly wooded nature trails, duck pond and huge playground, this location is great for families and kids.  

The Paseo 

Another fun location near downtown OKC is the Paseo District.  Known for colorful buildings and artsy vibe, this location has been a favorite for senior sessions for years.  

Church Garden

Another location near downtown is the garden of a church.  They are very laid back about photographers using it, but I don't want to just announce it on here in order to avoid and influx and people going through.  It is a small garden with an older mansion connected to the garden that serves as the church office building.  It is well kept and has two waterfalls and ceramic benches and statues.  I have done both group and senior portraits here.  Would be great for bridals and engagement images as well.  


El Reno

I have newly discovered El Reno as a location and I love it!!!  The downtown buildings are fantastic and there are more images from this area to come including an old bridge, and an old school house.  I am going to shoot as much here as possible.  Let me know if you would like to use any of these locations.  They have some locations great for edgy looks as well as lovers of vintage (guilty!!!).  Here are two from a session I took recently.


Antique Museum in El Reno

I have not had the chance to shoot a session at this location.  However, I cannot wait until I have a client who would like to do this location.  This place is filled with antiques as well as has several original buildings from late 1890s to early 1900's.  Buildings include a Barn, Hotel, School House, Church, and Jail.  They also have a caboose that you can get into.  Not all buildings are open for you to go inside, But the outside of the buildings are great too.  This Place would be great for any number of sessions.  


Home Sweet Home

When you think happy awesome portraits, you aren't likely thinking of your home as the backdrop.  I've found that when dealing with little ones, they are never more themselves then when at home.  I have a "day in the life of" style session that I do with families that focus on an hour of them, just being them.  These are the memories you are going to cherish and when you think of the years you were raising your precious kiddos, you will remember messy bedrooms and sibling squabbles of the same toy you have 3 sets of. Not the moment they stood still in a flower field or the time you bribed them with candy so they would smile at the park.  Those photos have their place too, but if you feel your kiddos and yourself may be more comfortable at home, don't underestimate the images you can get there.  :)


As always, if you have some beautiful land or a place you know of that you would like to use, I am always open to new locations!!  

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